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Welcome to My World of Babies by Laura Tuzio-Ross

I am a life-like baby doll sculptor. I make original,
highly realistic, collectible baby dolls for
you to hold, nurture and love. Each realistic baby doll is sculpted
from Prosculpt polymer clay. I begin the head with a tin
foil ball and cover it with clay.
As I sculpt, a personality emerges from these
layers of clay, until it becomes a new baby to love!
Every sculpture is then reproduced in a variety
of mediums: Vinyl, silicone-vinyl, resin, and silicone.

The baby doll is carefully hand painted, given rooted hair,
given a realistic weight, an adorable personality
and a beautiful outfit.

Please look at the Reborn Babies page to see the babies
ready to go home. Also, there is an Adopted Babies
page where you can see examples of other little ones.
Every baby doll is a collectible, and
not meant to be a child's play toy.

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